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Alvin Nix

When you’re sick, and unable to manage your financial and medical affairs, you want your loved ones ready and able to step in immediately and help. When emotions are running high you don’t want them spending precious time and money getting a lawyer and going to court to get appointed as your guardian.

When you die, you want your family to mourn your loss. You don’t want them guessing, or worse, arguing over what they think you wanted to do with your possessions. You don’t want to create a situation where your loved ones cannot get access to your accounts, whether physically or online, to pay your bills then due or coming due.

Even more, what if you own property in another state? In addition to what your loved ones are already dealing with, they will now have to open probate in not just your home state but in the other state where that property is located. With wills, trusts and other estate planning vehicles, you can prevent needless anguish.

Alvin E. Nix, Jr., P.C., can create an estate plan for your particular needs that will ease the pain and urgency your family will experience if you become ill or die. By taking the important steps of creating estate plans now, you will save yourself and your loved ones from going through unnecessary crisis and anguish in the future.

Alvin Nix

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With more than 26 years in estate planning experience, Alvin E. Nix, Jr., P.C., can provide you with up-to-date knowledge of the law as it is today, where it appears to be trending and apply that to your individual needs.

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